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Home For All of Igbo Land for African American Family Shopping Market
Updated: Friday 19th June 2020 23:59 pm

Christmas Gifts 2020
In Pictures Revealed
gift for christmas present 2021

Techno Gadgets Galore On Christmas Gift Lists. High-tech gadgets could replace old-fashioned gifts for the top toys of Christmas holiday wish lists this year 2020.

Top 10 Christmas Presents - Most Popular toys, Techno Toys must-have this Christmas gifts wish list hottest toys as a dream toys 2020 - 2021


Christmas gift fair

Remember, Christmas falls on a Tuesday in 2020.

CHRISTMAS GIFT - a Present given at christmas time. Socking filler or stocking stuffer? Gifts for set to inspire childhood fame fantasies this year.

The Dream Gifts or most popular items list prediction of Christmas lights bestsellers, reveals a trend towards Music, Film and TV inspired toys to indulge fame fantasies from the next generation of rockstars and screen heroes. Ideas gift tips for popular gifts or hot gifts!

Where to get this year's 2020 Christmas must-have toys for best prices? Here is the Online best buys for this year's must have toys.

Action figures of Toy Story cartoon character Buzz Lightyear and Barbie Video Girl are expected to be this year's must-have Christmas presents.

The figures from the Blockbuster films are tipped to be the best-selling toys in December 2015.

The My Stroll and Play Walker and the Ladybird Seven-in-One doll set will also be a common sight under the Christmas tree.

Other toys tipped to be top-sellers include the Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel, Lego City Fire Station and the Scalextric Micro Maximum Mayhem.

The less inexpensive Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, previously known as Go Go Hamsters, return to the list after demand led to them selling out last year 2014.

With the return of Toy Story 3 this summer year, the Jetpack Buzz Lightyear is this year's 2015 hottest prediction.

Parents should shop early, especially if their child is expecting the Jetpack Buzz Lightyear.

The popularity of this particular toy may mean that it could fly off the shelves with the same excitement as the Go Go Hamsters last 2014 Christmas.

A VTech children's digital camera and the Baby Annabel as "just like a real baby" with the ability to burp could be a hits.

Poopless pets and Electric pets top the list for 2020 must-have toys Christmas.

Toy Maker Amazon USA Amazon UK TESCO
Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin's DX Action Cruiser Bandai Yes Yes Yes
Swarovski Crystal model of a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Spark Yes Yes No
Ferrari F1 Electric Ride-on Exclusive Toys Yes Yes Yes
Barbie Video Girl Mattel Yes Yes Yes
Dancing Rubbish Garbage Trucks Mattel Matchbox Yes Yes Yes
Vtech Kidizoom video camera VTech Yes Yes Yes
Paper Jamz Guitars Wowee Yes Yes Yes
Medical Carrycase Peterkin Yes Yes No
Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Vivid Imaginations Yes Yes Yes
Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set Okada Yes Yes No
Go Go Kung Zhu Hamsters Character Options Yes Yes Yes
LEGO Fire Station Lego Yes Yes Yes

Stinky the dancing garbage truck toys, a Ferrari for children/toddlers and a wristband resources boasting alien sound and light effects top the store's annual list of predicted top sellers.

The Toys and Games Christmas Gift Preview Come shows the Christmas hotlists from boys, girls, pre-school, and hipíníkool, creative, and games from the UK's leading toy makers.

Relatively inexpensive gadgets featuring in the top ten rated toys 2020 which toys makers reckon will be in the top 10 this Christmas include the alien wristband and Turbo Twister, a remote-controlled car with flashing LED lights.

Dream Toys for Christmas Gift 2020 Christmas Year:

Cheaper toys are Christmas hits 2020. Toymakers have largely played safe with old favourites and TV and movie tie-ins, but have given them a technological or modern twist.

Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin's DX Action Cruiser

Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin's DX Action Cruiser

Doors keep falling off and clip straight back on, Balls don't exactly shoot out the front of the car.

But parents can expect a pricey Christmas gift if they go for the Swarovski crystal-adorned model of a Mercedes Benz expected to prove popular/hottest toys for kids.

Swarovski Crystal model of a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

Swarovski crystal model of a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG

This copy of a Mercedes car is covered in fake diamonds.

Ferrari F1 Electric Ride-on By Exclusive Toys

Ferrari F1 Electric Ride-on

This car has been designed in conjunction with the REAL engineers of Ferrari and promises the "quality and durability" demanded by owners of an adult Ferrari. When you ride on it it feels like a real car.

The trend seems to be about the high-tech toys this year 2020, with the favourites looking like the Barbie Video Girl for the little filmmakers and, of course, the much anticipated Battling Interactive Kung-Zhu Hamsters this festive season.

Barbie Video Girl by Mattel

Barbie Video Girl

Brand new Barbie with a camera in her neck and a screen on her back so you can see the world through her eyes.

Forget the old days of accessorising Barbie. This is our favourite leggy plastic doll gifts for as she has never been before - with a real video camera inserted into her back. Instant playback is possible.

Dancing Rubbish Garbage Trucks By Mattel Matchbox

Dancing Rubbish Garbage Trucks

Stinky the dancing Rubbish/Garbage Truck - It doesnít actually smell but it really cool and it is funny when it talks.

Tot a pleasant name for Christmas ornaments christman gift, but it seems to enthrall the children who fed him cars and watched him gobble them up and spit them out. He will also talk, and even break into a Fred Astaire-style all-singing, all-dancing routine given enough encouragement. Great ornaments christmas!

Traditional favourites such as Barbie and Lego, teddy bears, dressing-up kits and a variety of board games still fly off the shelves also make the christmas gifts list, as does Dave the Funky Monkey, who sits on the shoulder and interacts with passers by.

Vtech Kidizoom video camera By VTech

Vtech Kidizoom video camera

Fancy giving your friends a moustache or a beard?! You can take a picture of your mates on these handheld cameras and doodle on them.

New technology likely to replicate the success of VTechís cameras, which have proved best-sellers for the last two Christmases. Features include a built-in video editor, digital zoom and a colour LCD screen as well as games.

How about offering an instant rock star experience, the computerised instrument allows youngsters to play along to pre-programmed tuns or create their own musical masterpieces. Parents worried about the noise are reassured that it comes with headphones.

Paper Jamz Guitars By Wowee

Paper Jamz guitars

My Son loves it. His friends love it. I find it a bit annoying but that comes with the territory. I even tried it for a bit and it's fun.

Versions of Lego and Monopoly are on the list, along with Transformers figures, Princess Peppa and Medical Carry case.

Medical Carrycase

Medical Carry case

Hours of fun! Kids love taken our temperatures, looked in our ears.

However, the Toy Story 3 Jet Pack Buzz Lightyear figurine, the Kung Zhu Hamsters and a Vtech Kidizoom video camera managed the feature on the christmas gifts lists.

Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear tops the list after the huge success of the blockbuster film Toy Story 3. The film's already been released in United States of America USA and is due out in the United Kindom UK in July.

Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, Pixar Toy Story Collection

by Vivid Imaginations Toy Story Talking Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger, Pixar Toy Story Collection

Buzz Lightyear IS the Buzz you see in the film with one omission - the karate chop action. Any child would really love it!

Last yearís 2019 surprise sell-out and among the cheaper toys showcased this yearís models have been redesigned to appeal more to boys. The newest creation from the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets involves battle between the Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors and the Kung Zhu Special Forces.

Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

by Character Options Beyblade Metal Fusion Super Vortex Battle Set

The set includes a stadium plus two exclusive Metal Fusion tops with launchers, ripcords, assembly tools, an official rule book and tournament grid.

Train Kung Zhuô pets in the training centre, before waging war in the Kung Zhuô battle arena and witnessing the contest between Ninja and Special Forces.

Go Go Kung Zhu Hamsters

by Character Options Go Go Kung Zhu Hamsters

Do you remember the Go Go Hamsters from last Christmas? Well, they're back under the new name Kung Zhu Ninja Warriors.

"Must have" toys 2020 Favourite childhood toys from the past 100 years - guaranteed to appeal to your inner child. The ultimate exhibition of the most sought after toys from the last century.

LEGO Fire Station

by Lego LEGO Fire Station

If you're a big Lego fan you can add the fire station to your collection.

The characters from Tim Burton's classic holiday epic - The Nightmare Before Christmas light are back in this all-new original line of action figures, bringing all of your favorites to life once again. This series includes: Jack Skellington, Santa Jack, Mayor, Sally, Dr. Finklestein, Werewolf, Behemoth, Oogie Boogie and Santa Claus.

Nightmare Before Christmas Light Up Key Chain Set

by NECA Nightmare Before Christmas Light Up Key Chain Set

Characters from Tim Burton's classic holiday epic, The Nightmare Before Christmas are back in this all-new original line of action figures, bringing all of your favorites to life once again.

Dave the Funky Monkey (or dave funky monkey, funky monkey) will be available to buy in stores very soon!

So new that only the prototype was available for demonstration. Cheeky monkey, cuddly Dave sits on your shoulder like a parrot and chats to friends and passers-by, offering 32 "functions" including a high-five. Yo Dave!

Dave the Funky Monkey

by Wow! Stuff Dave the Funky Monkey

Newst interactive robot monkey toy that is to be one of the hottest toys of the year having been selected in the Hamleys christmas hot list.

The season holiday anniversary gifts of the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ Child and his present message to the World still has validity for a 21st century 2020 Christmas, as well as sending christmas cards as a gifts for seasons greeting card 2020.

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth

The life and times of Jesus Christ in the Mysteries of the Bible Collection. Robert Powell as Jesus.

Amazon and Hamleys best-selling remote-controlled car and hottest popular with both boys and girls - though they can nip adults in the ankles if you are not careful. Performs spins, wheelies and complete 360 degree flips.

Turbo Twister

By RBM Creations Turbo Twister

Itís amazing what the cars can do and you never get bored with them.

If you're not one of those organised people who finished their Christmas shopping in September, then you might want to take a cue from this webpage.

Instead of trudging around the high street fighting the crowds why not try cooking your Christmas gifts instead?

How about making a Christmas cakes - a perfect present for the person who has everything or anyone you know who is a little bit greedy. Oh yes it is... the best-time for panto Christmas market.

Below Princess gift box is like thousands sent every year to friends and family soldiers serving abroad on Christmas Day 2019 - 2020.

Princess Toy Box

By Decofun Princess Toy Box

Nice sized toy box that my little girl adores and it is absolutely gorgeous! Although the safety catch on the lid was a little fiddly to put on.

It was paid for by contributions made to the Sailors & Soldiers Christmas Fund set up by Princess Mary.

All boxes contained a Christmas card and a picture of the Princess Decofun, Disney Princess Toy Storage Box. In addition boxes contained chocolate, tobacco, pipes or sweets.

My parents sent and received over 100 Christmas cards in December and got the same, if not more, back in return. I started to read the cards - most of the names I didnít recognise, most of the writing I couldnít understand - and noticed that the majority of them were addressed "to James, John and Elizabeth"

Christmas Cards

Christmas cards

Christmas Carols Playing Cards.

All I want for Christmas 2020 and Birthday Gifts (or birthday presents) is something surprising sent from friends and family. Surprises are always stimulating. How about a xmas wish list of champagne breakfast in a hot air balloon? Or a post-Christmas weekend in London?

Luckily, for the chronically disorganised, there is some pretty good stuff around to help your christmas shopping list. I enjoyed many a family gathering this Christmas - we ate bowlfuls of homemade trifle, as I struggled to remember my relativesí names, and I became acutely aware that no one ever asks me about relationships.

Wedding Invitation

Wedding Invitation

Ruby wedding invitation cards - Pack of 6.

My cousin foolishly admitted that yes, he was seeing a "nice girl". Within seconds, my relatives pounced on him like a pack of gossip-hungry feral cats, asking "Can we expect the sound of wedding bells anytime soon?" He caved in and revealed that he is in fact engaged, with a wedding date set for the summer of 2021.

Wedding Gifts By A1Gifts

Wedding Gifts

I Do Wedding Photo Frame.


Gifts and Wish Lists - Find Great Gifts for the Entire Family. Whatís on your Christmas list this year?

Gifts for Girlfriends or Wife - Buying a gift for your girlfriend or wife, deserves an extra special effort. Here is a selection of 10 best gift ideas for a partner or spouse. Shower her with sweet scents, sparkling jewellery, romantic flicks, and other tokens of your ardent affection. Buy a gift for her that changes lives.

Gifts for Mum - All gathered in the sitting room with one person handing out the Christmas gifts. Mum/Mother began collecting up all the wrapping paper and stacking the scattered gifts back under the Christmas tree.

Gifts for Teenager - In the midst of planning for the christmas gift festivities, letís try to bring some pleasure to those children for whom Christmas may not be such a joyful time.

Gifts for Co-Worker

Gifts for Boyfriend/Husband

Gifts for Dad - Christmas clash over gift choices. A lot of children look set to be disappointed on Christmas morning, between what children want for Christmas and what parents are happy to buy for them.

Gifts for Family Friends - I look forward to a happy family Christmas every year but not everyone is so lucky.

Gifts for Grandma

Gifts for Someone Who Has Everything - No! This is not a Christmas Gift Appeal to online buyers in the United Kindom UK are not being asked to buy an extra gift when Christmas shopping this year. Remember Christmas gifts for the homeless.

Gifts for Children - Presents should be suitable for a child aged between 0 and 16 years, such as toys, books, footballs, colouring books, cosmetics, and clothes - even family hampers. They need to be brand new, and not wrapped.

Gifts for Student - Peopleís gifts could make a big difference to local children this Christmas - no matter how small.

Gifts for Grandpa

Do You Buy Your Teacher Christmas Presents?

Teachers get loads of early Christmas Presents from their pupils at the end of term. But do you give your teacher a present for Christmas? How do you decide what to get them?

You could buy your teachers a bath set or chocolates! Or you haven't bought any of your teachers gifts? If you don't buy all your teachers presents, sometimes just your favourite teachers. But most of the time you can just give some of them Christmas cards.

Teachers Gift

Teachers Gift

Periodic Table Mug. Now you can sip your morning tea and learn something too!

You give your teacher presents because she's sooooooooooo nice! My mum sneaks out and gets my teachers presents and then says that I'm to give this to him/her.

I've got no choice because she's already bought it. You don't buy presents for teachers because there are too many, so you just send them a card instead.

The most popular gifts for teachers is chocolate, but a few have received really expensive goodies, like designer stuff or tickets to big sports events.

Presents For Teachers

Presents For Teachers

Unique Present For Your Teacher. As Seen On TVs "This Morning"!


Play this interactive 2020 Christmas quiz to test your xmas knowledge game. The christmas trivia quiz is great fun and can be added to your xmas wish list of games to play at Xmas.

1. What is traditionally hidden in the Christmas pudding?
A: A Coin
B: A Watch
C: A Pair of Dice
The answer was A

2. What animals traditionally pull Santa's sleigh?
A: Cats
B: Guinea Pigs
C: Reindeer
The answer was C

3. How many days are there on a traditional advent calendar?
A: 24
B: 25
C: 31
The answer was A

4. According to the song, how many days of Christmas are there?
A: Three
B: Nine
C: Twelve
The answer was C

5. What is the last day of Christmas called?
A: Advent
B: Twelfth Night
C: Boxing Day
The answer was B

6. How did Boxing Day get its name?
A: Lots of boxing matches took place
B: Christmas boxes were used to collect money for workers which was shared equally among them after the holiday.
C: Children would play hide-and-seek in boxes.
The answer was B

7. What fruit is used to make a traditional Christingle?
A: Peach
B: Pear
C: Orange
The answer was C

8. What flower is traditionally connected with Christmas?
A: Daisy
B: Daffodil
C: Poinsettia
The answer was C

9. Why do we shorten Christmas to Xmas?
A: We're really lazy
B: X is the first letter of the Greek word for Christ
C: X looks like a snowflake
The answer was B

10. What do people traditionally do under mistletoe?
A: Sing
B: Kiss
C: Dance
The answer was B

11. Which royal couple started off the fashion for Christmas trees?
A: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
B: Queen Victoria and Prince Albert
C: Prince Charles and Princess Diana
The answer was B

12. Who wrote the book A Christmas Carol?
A: Philip Pullman
B: Charles Dickens
C: JK Rowling
The answer was B

The 2020 list reveals a trend towards nostalgic characters and brands which have been updated with a modern twist. Parents are reverting back to heritage brands which will last longer than the Christmas season.

The first Toy of the Year, announced at the start of 1966, was the James Bond Aston Martin Car, with the geometric drawing toy Spirograph, the Spyring board game and furry egg-shaped Gonks dolls also proving popular. Another popular toy, the "V-room" roar maker fitted to bicycles.

Action Man
Iggle Piggle
Action Man (1966) Plasticraft (1972) Rubik's Cube (1980) Nintendo Game Boy (1991) Beyblades (2002)
Spirograph (1967) Lego
Star Wars (1982) Thunderbirds (1993) Robosapien (2004)
Peter Powell kites (1976) Transformers (1984) Power Rangers (1994) Igglepiggle (2007)
Hot wheels (1969) Playpeople (1977) Sylvanian Families (1987) Furbys
Ben 10

The top toys kids will be begging Santa for this Christmas:-




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