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Home For All of Igbo Land for African American Family Shopping Market
Updated: Sunday 08th March 2015 15:28 pm

School Uniforms 2015 Kids
In Pictures Revealed Approved Good Value
Boys & Girls Uniform Online schoolwear

Shopping for school uniform can be a relaxed experience, even if you have small children with you.

Kids School Uniform
The secret lies in the preparation. We've put this webpage guide together to help you get the most out of buying schoolwear, whether it's online or in offline shops.

Back to School Savings? Save on school supplies, Back to College essentials, kids apparel and Get more.. Spend less with back to school bundles on school uniforms 2015 - 2016

See below Schoolwear, Choosing school clothes, Choosing school shoes, Shoe size conversion chart, Measuring guidelines, Size guide and Tips for back to school shopping.

Buy Back to School: Back to school bundle - Boys and Girls School Uniform, Boys School Uniform, Girls School Uniform and School Shoes. Schoolwear for girls from 9 - 16 years. Any coat or any 3 pack shirts or trousers or dress or skirt

School Uniforms – Is school uniform good for Children?

Scrapping school uniform actually cost more money for parents as students look to keep up with trends or would it save money on the cost of constantly replacing blazers, trousers, skirts and ties?

Fruit of the Loom Childrens Plain T Shirt in 20 colours by Fruit of the Loom

School Uniforms

Really excellent value for this quality brand of T-Shirt. A lovely range of colours too.

Some secondary school in United Kingdom UK would like to become the first in England to abolish or scrap school uniforms.

When buying school uniforms for their children ahead of the new term, most mums and dads will agree that children have not managed to grow out of their uniforms before they have worn them out or wear then tear.

Happy School Season! School of Uniforms. Home of Kids Uniforms.

Back to school year 2015 is upon us, teachers are preparing lesson plans, and parents Mum & Dad are shopping for the latest sizes and colors for this year's school uniform season.

Many shops wants parents to shop with them by saying...

ONLINE SALE - Up to 50% Off 2015 Get More, Spend Less With Back to School Bundles. Click on "YES" or "NO" below to find out if the item is available.

School Uniform Maker Amazon USA Amazon UK TESCO
Bags XIAOMEI Yes Yes Yes
Cardigans - Yes Yes No
Coats - Yes Yes Yes
Dresses - Yes Yes Yes
Girls Fashion - Yes Yes Yes
Hair Accessories - Yes Yes Yes
Jumpers - Yes Yes No
Knits - Yes Yes Yes
Pants - Yes Yes No
Pinafores - Yes Yes No
Polo Shirts - Yes Yes No
School Blazers - Yes Yes No
School Blouses - Yes Yes Yes
School Shoes - Yes Yes No
School Trainers - Yes Yes No
School Shirts - Yes Yes No
Schoolwear Fruit of the Loom Yes Yes No
Shorts - Yes Yes Yes
Skirts - Yes Yes Yes
Skorts - Yes Yes No
Socks - Yes Yes Yes
Sportswear - Yes Yes Yes
Tights - Yes Yes Yes
Trousers - Yes Yes Yes
Underwear - Yes Yes Yes

Cost the primary issue for many parents as they spends the next few days July/August months buying jumpers, shirts and trousers for children's school uniforms.

Nike Black Rucksack Backback School Bag by Nike

Nike Black Rucksack Backback School Bag

Good size for the children. Got these to go skiing and kids packed some toys, books and games.

Some parents are all too aware that they might already be too late for the best deals and the most painless process as the shopping experience is so much easier if you do it online, buying trousers with an adjustable waistband so they fit.

Colourful Cartoon A4 Backpack L8130A for Travel, Holiday, School or College

by XIAOMEI School Bags for Girls

Girls school bags or School bags for kids or School bags for teenage girls!

Quiksilver Backpack Rucksack - Pulse Cost Azul Blue

School Bags for Boys

Boys school bags or School bags for kids or School bags for teenagers.

But online orders are now unlikely to arrive in time and patience may be required to find the correct colours among the cheapest deals.

Meanwhile, Parents can kit the kids out for school on a shoestring budget from Amazon Online and Netmums websites, Asda Walmart supermarket, Tesco supermarket, Marks & Spencer M&S, Sainsbury supermarket.

As parents are expecting to spend around substantial money buying sets of clothes, PE kits and shoes for their children.

School uniforms that cost less were not necessarily short on quality. Either more expensive school clothes might well be more comfortable, but that does not mean they'll be more durable.

Even if the best deals are now gone, most parents will be able to come away with change from £10 or $10 or €10 when buying a sweatshirt, trousers or skirt, and polo shirt ensemble.

Over the last few years or so, supermarkets have been prepared to take a hit over profits to tempt food shopping families to the clothing section with cheap school uniforms deals.

Parents still demand that these uniforms wear and wash well, which in turn might encourage them to buy other clothes. It is just another way of getting consumer loyalty from parents.

But, from September, students at the Sixth Community College will be able to wear what they like to school.

The use of uniforms is justified but prohibitive charging for them is not, according to the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF).

Uniforms instil pride and identity, as well as encouraging good behaviour and discipline, the DCSF says.

Choosing School Clothes

Allow for growth - when you're buying shirts, make sure you can fit two fingers inside the fastened collar.
Ask for advice. Our expert staff will be happy to talk to you about a child's individual needs.
Buy 3 - 5 blouses or shirts, depending on how often you do the washing during the week.
Choose machine washable, minimum-iron clothes and good quality fabrics, so that clothes last longer and are easy to launder.
Choose simple styles with easy fastenings for younger children.
Choose simple styles with easy fastenings for younger children.
Don't leave things till the last minute, particularly if you think you may need clothes altered or made to order.
Good quality school clothes will give you years of wear and can often be handed on to a younger brother or sister, so don't economise on quality.
Order Cash’s name tapes well in advance, so you'll have time to sew them on before the beginning of term.
Measure your child before hand, using the measuring chart below.
Remember to check a list of all the school's requirements or follow the list in this guide.

Choosing School Shoes
  • Ask online and offline trained fitters for advice - they'll gladly discuss your child's needs. Find out more about the children's shoe fitting service.
  • Choose easy-to-fasten shoes for younger children.
  • Don't forget that children's feet grow in spurts and need regular fittings.
  • Pick leather uppers to allow growing feet to breathe.
  • Take advantage of the trained experts in the children's shoe category, who will make sure shoes offer the correct support and have room for growth.

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Continental UK Continental UK
19 3 30 12
  3.5 31 12.5
20 4 32 13
  4.5   13.5
21 5 33 1
22 5.5   1.5
  6 34 2
23 6.5 35 2.5
24 7 36 3
25 7.5   3.5
26 8 37 4
  8.5 37 4
27 9 38 5
  9.5   5.5
28 10 39 6
  10.5   6.5
29 11 40 7
  11.5   7

Measuring Guidelines

Collar - Measure around base of neck, inserting two fingers between neck and tape to allow growth.
Chest - Position tape close to underarms, measure chest at fullest point.
Dress and tunic length - Measure from nape of neck to length required.
Waist - Measure around the natural waistline.
Skirt length - Measure from middle of waist to length required.
Inside leg - Measure with shoes on, to approximately 5cm above the ground.

Size Guide

Age Boys: Chest size cm/inch Collar size
Waist size
3 54/21" 28/11" 51/20"
4 56/22" 28/11" 52/20"
5 58/23" 28/11" 53/20 ¾"
6 60/23 ½" 29/11 ½" 55/21 ¾"
7 62/24 ½" 30/11 ¾" 57/22 ½"
8 65/25 ½" 30/11 ¾" 59/23 ¼"
9 68/26 ¾" 32/12 ½" 61.5/24 ¼"
10 71/28" 32/12 ½" 64/25 ¼"
11 74/29" 33/13" 66.5/26 ¼"
12 78/30 ¾" 34/13 ½" 68/26 ¾"
13 82/32 ¼" 36/14 ¼" 71/27 ¾"
14 86/34" 37/14 ½" 74/29"
15 90/35 ½" 38/15" 77/30 ¼"
16 94/37" 39/15 ½" 77/30 ¼"
16+ 99/39" 41/16" 83/32 ¾"

These sizes are approximate and may vary between styles

Age Girls: Chest size cm/inch Waist size
Inside leg measurements
      Regular cm/inch Long
3 54/21 ¼" 51/20" 40/15 ¾" 45/17 ¾"
4 56/22" 52/20" 43.5/17" 46.5/18 ¼"
5 58/23" 53/20 ¾" 44/17 ½" 47.5/18 ¾"
6 60/23 ½" 55/21 ¾" 47.5/18 ¾" 51/20"
7 62/24 ½" 57/22 ½" 51/20" 55/21 ½"
8 65/25 ½" 59/23 ¼" 55/21 ½" 58.5/23"
9 68/26 ¾" 61/24" 58.5/23" 62.5/24 ½"
10 71/27 ¾" 63/24 ¾" 62.5/24 ½" 65.5/25 ¾"
11 75/29 ½" 64/25 ¼" 65.5/25 ¾" 68/26 ¾"
12 79/31" 65/25 ½" 68/26 ¾" 73/28 ¾"
13 83/32 ¾" 66/26" 70.5/27 ¾" 76/30"
14 87/34 ¼" 68/26 ¾" 73/28 ¾" 79/31"
15 91/35 ¾" 70/27 ½" 75/29 ½" 81/32"
16 95/37 ½" 73/28 ¾" 77.5/30 ½" 82.5/32 ½"
16+ 99/39" 76/30" 80/31 ½" 85/33 ½"

These sizes are approximate and may vary between styles

Tips for Back to School Shopping
  • Allow for shrinkage in 100% cotton polo shirts.
  • Buy regulation uniform from online/offline shops as early as you can as stocks are more limited.

  • If you're buying in our shops, we use pink labels for girls, blue for boys and grey for unisex.

    Blazers with back flaps are designed for boys. Online or Off-online shops provide sample shirts in fitting rooms so that you shouldn't need to remove packaging to try them on.

  • Use name tags in school shoes too
  • Remember that acrylic items don't have the same stretch as poly/cotton.

Should we scrap school uniform?

Some schools argue that by having a students uniforms you remove the pressure to keep up with the latest fashions, that it removes the barrier between the classes and that it shows a pride in the school.

Experience people may have observed that the level of a student's academic achievement and their behaviour both in and out of school is reflected in their appearance.

A lots of people don't think we should ban school uniforms, just make them less plain and boring!

For example, like Japanese uniform, Japan school uniform are cute and smart! wearing plain uniforms only makes children want to customise because they feel they are all the same.

Even instead of a tie for girls it can be a simple string bow (cool for Japanese school uniforms), just something thats more individual.

What's your school uniform like?
Pros and cons of school uniforms

So what's your uniform like? Do you have loads of bits and pieces you have to wear, or are your teachers pretty cool about the rules?

Of course we should keep the requirement for school uniform or private school uniform.

School uniform ensures that everyone, including independent school maintains a particular standard of dress that represents the schools ambitions, desires and standards - children in school uniform and infant in nursery wearing nursery uniform.

Children need to be helped to recognise when to adapt to the various standards required in a society and the journey through the school years is every bit learning to be prepared for adulthood (not adult school uniforms) as it to learn facts of life.

Every school head/principals/headteacher/governors should be able develop their own identity for their school and this is aided by the the school uniform/ schoolwear/ girls school uniform/ school boys uniform/ not school league tables.

Good behaviour outside of school is enhanced whilst bad behaviour is reduced when school uniform/ school costumes is worn and recognised by the general public.

The school uniform/ school costume is a great leveler within the school population. Also, with the greatest respect to our great teens, lets remember that we are talking about children and teenagers - not little adults!

Personalities are still being developed and created. We should be helping our children prepare for their place in society.

The detail of conforming to various school rules (yes even those that one hates!) is great preparation for adulthood and being part of society.

It's intersting to how many other parts of the world are recognising the benefits of school uniform - whilst we have forgotten how great our education was.

Pride in wearing the uniform of their school indicates a pride in their school as a whole, and shows that the individual is able to integrate and contribute to the whole social group.

Those went to Grammar school over 30 years ago, may have left school because their parents couldn't afford to buy them a school Jumper.

Some mothers/mum/grandma knitted one by hand but you maybe hauled in front of the head as it was the wrong shade of green.

You may've made the decision to leave before your exams as it was the final straw in a long running battle over the cost of school uniform.

To this day, I will not take a job involving a suit or uniform. Lets have Freedom of expression, but also kids must stop teasing each other about labels in fashion.

Clothes are a way of expression - how you feel, or simply who you are. When you take away your soul, there's nothing left, just your body, enslaved in a horrifyingly ugly uniform.

Parents insist that by having a uniform you remove the pressure to keep up with the latest fashions, that it removes the barrier between the classes and that it shows a pride in the school...

Few may realize it, but this argument to mantain school uniform policies actually has a few cons that need to be considered. In many schools, students are actually teased about "how they wear" their school uniforms.

Unless you have your tie really short, your shirt hanging out and your blazer's buttons perpetually undone, you'll get teased and mocked.

Sure, school uniforms allow students to be indentified more easily if they were to become lost during a school trip, or be involved in a crime, but they usually tend to make the student wearing them uncomfortable and forbid expression of one's self.

Kids to Wear Trainers as Uniform?

Also, parents would not have to fritter away all their hard-earned money upon frequently expensive items of clothing that are regarded as requisites. My own parents had to spend between £90 to £120 on my own school uniform!

My uniform is too expensive. Every single piece of clothing is purple and you have to buy it from a special shop.

Football boots, trainers, PE kit and, blazer and school coat was too much. Altogether it was substantial! With my stationary and books it made huge figure and when it get to the summer uniform, it's add up more!

Our school uniform is not too bad, we wear a polo shirt (has to be bought from school) and a school blazer. We do all wear the school jumpers then quite a few people wear the school fleece.

We aren't allowed overcoats so we have to wear the school coat too, but trousers and skirts just have to be black.

Our Coppermill Lane school is strict about identification and you will get into trouble if you walked in wearing pink trousers. The gym kit or school gymnasium Kits is getting stricter - joggies and denim shorts are banned.

Consider this, some families may not be in possession of money needed to make such purchases. Often, they may have to buy second-hand school uniform items, and the wearers of these purchases may very well end up the victims of teasing and bullying.

It's difficult to say whether the school uniform policy should be abolished. If it were to be maintained, then it might be a good idea to re-design school uniforms.

They should be . Reasonably priced . Pleasing to the eye. Comfortable for the wearers . Should allow students to express themselves to at least some degree.

My daughter wears a uniform to school and I think it is great. Girls can be so compeditive about their looks and even though they still can make changes to personalise themselves it has to be more subtle than wearing the latest fashion and rubbing it in the face of the other girls.

It is a good idea to for the girls to wear a skirt as it gives them an identity different to the boys. Also I would much rather she wears a short skirt in a safe environment like school than to do it out of school when there may not by someone there to help her if the wrong guy gets the wrong idea.

School Uniform should be smart, modern, comfortable, flattering, inexpensive, not intrusive to school activities. It should also be compulsary as it should enhance the team spirit ethos of school life.

Also it is easier to get dressed in the morning if you don't have to have long disussions about what to wear!

In France, they don't wear uniforms. People say that uniforms can make the difference and that bullies pick on you because of your clothes. Well, guess what? bullies don't pick on you because of your clothes.

And the difference between poor and rich, you can also make the difference with the quaility of the uniform.

Uniforms should be kept. They give a sense of identity to school children and, kept clean and tidy, do not show discrimination between rich and poor/ nurse uniform/ boys uniform/ work uniforms/ rawcliffes/ kids uniforms & nursery uniform.

With school uniforms, students always look smart and tidy. Uniforms for most state schools can be bought very cheap school uniform - grey trousers and polo shirts for less than a fiver.

Without school uniforms, the schools will become fashion houses and chidlren will be wanting more expensive clothing! Uniforms do not save parents money.

It goes without saying that students do not wear uniform while not at school, so a full wardrobe will be required in either case. Furthermore, Uniform Articles are typically expensive, sometimes with exclusive suppliers being able to take advantage of a captive market.

Uniforms are no leveller - students from disadvantaged families can often easily be identified owing to their damaged or incomplete school uniforms.

School uniform shop do not prevent competition between students. If they are not competing against each other in terms of their clothing, it will be via some either means - who has the best mobile phone, the best MP3 player, etc.

At any rate, I suspect the novelty of not wearing uniform would quickly wane, and competition would diminish with it. Finally, there is virtually no evidence to substantiate the claim that school uniforms enhance student discipline and productivity.

The Back to School Bundle - Clothing :-




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